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Shoe shopping can be tough. Whether it’s your favorite pair out of stock or blisters after one day, most people out there have struggled to find their perfect fit. Our founders each had plenty of shopping war stories too, so they set their sights on revolutionizing the way we all buy footwear.


Volumental helps millions of people find perfectly fitting shoes. In one click and less than five seconds, our 3D scanner gathers ten different foot measurements and all the data needed for our AI-powered Fit Engine to offer you personalized footwear recommendations.  




We think there are a whole bunch of reasons why you'll want to work at Volumental. A popular one? Our office dogs team is growing and it is always up for cuddles. Another one is all the smart people – your future coworkers – who keep the lunch discussions and our #random Slack channel intriguing. A lot of people think it’s cool to join a scale up, but it’s also really hard. If you want to be part of building something from scratch (whether that’s customer service, user interfaces, or designing our most breathtaking product features), this is the place to make that lasting impression. 


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You know those holiday dinners where you finally get to tell how it really is? Well, pull up a chair, because at Volumental, anyone interested in a delivery or company decision can share their opinion. But that means we expect you to bring your best argument to the table. To add something great to the outcome. Don’t hold in any of your brightness.


Letting your own ideas roam free is important, but so is learning from others. An open mind is an exchange, not a one-way street, so we make sure to invest time and effort into listening and reflecting together. We expect you to want to grow and improve here, so you need to see feedback as your brain’s best friend. Take an active role in your own evolution, and recognize how your coworkers can help bring you to new heights.


We understand that openness doesn’t work without respect, so we try our best to keep kindness in mind. We take responsibility for the impact our actions and voices have on others and find ways of expressing ourselves with compassion. We’re not asking you to dole out compliments you don’t mean in the name of being “nice” (although we love compliments you DO mean), instead, it’s about being aware and sensitive of each other’s feelings. Empathy is an extraordinary, beautiful thing.


We stay even laser-focused, when projects are pushed and pulled in many directions, sometimes by a ton of (super smart) people. We’re able to zero in and identify The Hard Problems and use all of our team grit to solve them. And once we’ve decided which challenge to tackle, we give it our full attention. Sometimes that means saying goodbye to great ideas (RIP perfect fitting eyewear), but we’re willing to make tough calls for the sake of a better product.


With soaring goals and endless to-do lists, it’s sometimes hard to stop for lunch, let alone stop to let loose. But at work, we want you to let that guard down and be your true self. We want you to be part of creating a culture of openness. Having fun with coworkers lets us feel comfortable enough to say our weirdest ideas out loud. And usually, those are what turn into our most innovative solutions


Instead of getting bogged down by “what-if’s,” we have faith in our instincts and courage in our eureka moments. Our speed is what makes us stand out against the competition, so we believe it’s better to act first and overanalyze later (or better yet, skip it entirely). And rather than wondering who else will get something done, we take initiative and be the change we wish to see in the office.

Life at Volumental

I knew I was joining a talented team at Volumental but it still was more than I expected. It feels great to be a part of this group, knowing that we together are building the future of footwear tech. When working at V, you join a diverse group of intelligent, ambitious and supportive people.

Yohan Braoudakis Key Account Manager

I REALLY like the trust that we are given to have a flexible schedule. I feel that as long as I get my work done (well), I can set my own schedule. I really like the open environment/culture here, everyone has been very willing to help.

Brittany Rain Tran Customer Growth Manager

I like the way my colleagues encourage me for healthy discussions. I am amazed to see a healthy atmosphere which always encourages and motivates me to come to work. I can approach people for any clarification needed in a friendly way. With International colleagues I have the privilege of getting to know other cultures.

Karthik Parupalli International Sales Developer

Perks & Benefits

Aren't you convinced to join us yet? Well, we still have many reasons left to share with you!

  • Monthly budget for team activities 🎭

  • Awesome activities together 😎

  • Modern and international work environment 🌍

  • Flexible Public Holidays Policy 📆

  • Work Away From Office Policy 🏡

  • Flexible work hours 🕒

  • Options Program 📈

  • Wellness allowance 🚴‍♂️

  • Occupational pension at ITP level 💎

  • Sponsorship of Residence and Work Permit in Sweden 🌟


Tegelbacken 4A
111 52 Stockholm Directions View page

Our recruitment process

1. Shortlisting

Thanks for applying! If you have completed the online application process, you will receive a confirmation email. We review all applications carefully and will get back to you, no matter if you proceed to the next step or not.

2. First interview

If we think you might be the candidate we’re looking for, let’s have a chat! Tell us more about your background and what motivates you, and take the opportunity to ask questions.

3. Assignment

We'd love to see you in action when solving a challenge, similar to the ones you will be facing in your role. You’ll receive a work test and a deadline. Your solution will be reviewed by the team. You can request feedback on your presentation, even if you don’t proceed to the next step in the recruitment process.

4. Chat with hiring manager

Depending on your location, you can either visit our office at Tegelbacken or we’ll set up a video call. The focus will be on getting to know you better, who you are as a colleague, and how you prefer to work - so get prepared by reflecting on your previous work experiences.

5. Meet the team

5. In this step we can go more in-depth on a few selected topics. This is also an opportunity to meet more members of the team and bounce ideas around the exciting projects we’re currently working on.

6. Offer

Congrats! If you've made it here, we're excited to have you join the team in Stockholm!

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